• Sit anywhere.


Storage volume 22 litres
Dimensions of the backpack in closed position: h.53 x w.35 x d.20 cm
Maximum weight limit of stool 130 kg
Total weight of the backpack 1.6 kg
Size and sex UNI
Material Kortexin 100% PES
Water proof Level 5
  • 1/ We are introducing new world-unique BAGOBAGO sitting backpack with built-in stool.
  • How many pockets does BAGOBAGO have?
  • The interior is split into a large space, and a smaller space suitable for storing a notebook or a tablet. The exterior features a front pocket with zipper (with a small pocket for mobile phone or wallet) and two reticulated side pockets for water bottles.

  • Is my stuff protected against damage when opening the stool?
  • Yes. The interior is designed to prevent damage to its contents while keeping the stool always functional.

  • In case the backpack legs are dirty, are my clothes protected when wearing the backpack?
  • Yes. Legs are hidden behind a removable (and washable) cover. While sitting, you can either put the cover into and inside pocket or attach it to the white magnetic dot at the front of the backpack.

  • Is it OK to put BAGOBAGO into a washing machine?
  • Yes. The metal construction can be removed and the backpack can be washed.

  • Can I take my BAGOBAGO as cabin baggage on the flight?
  • Yes. The bag meets airline cabin baggage size restrictions.

  • Is sitting on BAGOBAGO okay for my back?
  • BAGOBAGO consulted orthopedists in order to design a bag that meets ergonomic standards. We carefully calculated the height of the stool to allow for a knee angle of more than 90° for most people, which helps you sit straight and helps prevents back pain.

  • Do the rubber leg caps scuff flooring?
  • No. The rubber doesn’t contain any black color on purpose.

  • Are spare parts available?
  • Yes. Zippers and rubber end caps for the chair legs can be purchased separately.